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Splashtastic // Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, CA

Splashtastic, an original Cirque Dreams show created for Six Flags, was staged at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Dolphin Harbor outdoor theater. Jon Craine led the $1.5 million dollar project from concept through to installation. The show set transformed Dolphin Harbor into a magical underwater garden of oceanic delights, which became the immersive setting for Cirque Dreams Splashtastic. Vibrant, colorful coral reefs, teeming with sea anemones, sponges, fishes, jellies, sea horses and other fantastical sea creatures, engulf the performers and audience alike. Automated platforms allow the performers to dazzle the audience high above the pool, while scenery moves all around as if being propelled by the ocean’s currents. Water effects, including leaping fountains, geysers, and waterfalls, punctuate the action on stage and in the pool and add to the dynamic immersive audience experience. (2013)

Show Creator: Neil Goldberg
Art Direction and Show Sets: Jon Craine
Costumes: Dream Studios
Fabrication: SRO Associates

Jungle Fantasy // Broadway Theater

Created by Neil Goldberg, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy made its Broadway debut after a successful two year national tour. The stage set consists of one upstage drop and a set of mid-stage and down-stage legs anchored by four giant 28′ tall inflatable trees, all of which feature a dual-image UV effect. At intermission the show transitions from a monochromatic daytime scene to a brilliant nighttime scene. The entire second act takes place under ultraviolet lighting, courtesy of 17 Wildfire units, but the show has more of a ‘rock and roll’ feel with PARs for saturated color washes and moving lights for accents and isolated, act-specific lighting. In addition to the ultraviolet scenery many of the costumes and props also feature UV reflective properties.

Craine designed the set to withstand the rigors of a grueling touring schedule filled with one-nighters. In addition to being durable, the scenery packs down into hampers occupying a minimal footprint in the truck. Craine also had a hand in the fabrication, painting many of the masterful ultraviolet scenic effects, including the backdrops, costuming and props. (2008)

Creator/Director: Neil Goldberg
Scenic Design: Jon Craine
Lighting: Peter Kyte and Katie Johnston
Costumes: Nora Taylor, Santiago Rojo, Bill Olson, Nelli Levental
Painted by: Jon Craine, Cobalt Studios, Scenic Art Studios
Built by: Proof Productions, Rose Brand, Creative Inflatables, Daedalus

The Offspring // 2001 European Tour

Craine’s backdrop design for The Offspring’s 2001 European tour was inspired by their Conspiracy of One album cover and touring partner AFI’s All Hallow’s EP. The nightmarish cartooned landscape—a nod to AFI—is ignited by The Offspring’s logo, which appears magically under UV lighting. After AFI played their set in front of the cartooned landscape scene, The Offspring took the stage as the backdrop transitioned through ultraviolet lighting to reveal their flaming logo. The 30′ x 40′ backdrop was hand painted on leno-filled scrim by Craine.

Scenic Design: Jon Craine for UV/FX
Shop: UV/FX Scenic Productions

Illumination // Cirque Dreams tour

Debuted in September 2009 at the Durham Performing Arts Center before embarking on a national tour, Cirque Dreams Illumination is a two act, 90 minute spectacular set in an urban environment under an elevated train. Created by Artistic Director Neil Goldberg, the show blends “world renowned imagination, critically acclaimed theatrical innovation and breathtaking presentation into a story that illuminates a city of everyday people, workers and pedestrians into feats of disbelief. A cast of 27 world-class artists illuminate objects, balance on wires, leap structures and redefine flight with entertaining variety, comedy and extraordinary occurrences that reinvent everyday life. Urban acrobatics, dazzling choreography and brilliant illusions are ignited by special effects performed to a stylish original score of jazz, salsa, ballroom, pop and trendy beats from the streets.” (excerpted from Cirque Productions)

Jon Craine set the scene under the el train with scenic elements that represent the foundation of a city, including garage doors, alley ways, fire escapes, and a variety of street dressing that ordinary people find extraordinary applications for.  Garbage cans transform into props for a performer’s act; the frame of a doorway comes off a building and is used as a prop for a silent movie; a bathtub comes out of a washroom and is the setting for an aerial water act; performers swing around scaffolding and fire escapes that double as parallel bars. The textures are authentic (concrete, brick, stone, steel, rust, graffiti) but a bit exaggerated in color to convey the extraordinary nighttime theme.

Designed and fabricated to tour in two trucks, the visually elaborate set is actually comparatively simple and features an upstage drop, and one set of mid-stage and down-stage legs in combination with three hard profile cut portals designed with forced perspective to represent the supports of the elevated train. Framing the proscenium are 2 vertical scenic truss members that carry the elevated train structure out onto the stage apron. All the scenery incorporates Rosco VividFX fluorescent paint treatments, allowing for brilliant scenic and lighting effects. The show is lit with a combination of ultraviolet lighting, courtesy of 17 Wildfire units, and PARs for saturated color washes and moving lights for accents and act-specific lighting. The Wildfire fixtures are designated solely for illuminating the scenery, allowing for stunning special lighting effects that give the show a rock concert feel. (2009)

Creator/Director: Neil Goldberg
Scenic Design: Jon Craine
Lighting: Katie Johnston
Costumes: Nora Taylor and Santiago Rojo
Scene Shop: Proof Productions

Southern Comfort // UnderCover Tour

When Mowalla Productions was looking to give their client Southern Comfort an exciting look to their 2009 underCOVER concert tour, Jon Craine was brought into the fold. The 10 city tour, featuring Polyphonic Spree, The Hold Steady, and Ghostland Observatory, needed a brand-oriented look that wouldn’t appear corporate nor sacrifice the “wow” factor. And the scenery had to be minimal and light-weight, yet durable, while also packing a visual punch. So naturally, Craine recommended dual-image ultraviolet scenery for the stage, which allows for two scenes to be incorporated into only one piece of scenery. Completely transparent under regular stage lighting, the UV effect is colorful and brilliant when viewed under ultraviolet lighting.

Craine worked with the brand and Mowalla to develop visual imagery that could be applied to a series of soft goods, including a 15′h x 20′w backdrop and two sets of 15′h downstage legs. Although the schedule was aggressive, Craine was up to the task. Craine provided concept artwork based on the brand’s art direction. Southern Comfort was looking for an image that was inspired by modern rock posters, yet was true to the brand’s identity. Working within the parameters of the Southern Comfort brand was particularly important considering that the imagery Craine developed would also be applied to marketing and advertising materials. Craine also designed the fluorescent black light tour poster. (2009)

“Mowalla wanted you to know that we appreciate all your hard work on the Southern Comfort Presents: underCOVER 2009 Tour. It was a challenging three months and because of your efforts and dedication, we put on a great tour. You were a valuable member of the team and we thank you very much. Rock on.”  -Team Mowalla

Pandemonia // Cirque Dreams

Making it’s debut in the summer of 2009 at the Xanadu Theater in the Trump Taj Mahal, Cirque Dreams Pandemonia was created by Artistic Director Neil Goldberg. Jon Craine designed the saturated topsy-turvey stage set on themes of fun house and carnival. Designed and fabricated to tour, the elaborate set features large sculpted units with chase illumination, drum kit platform wagon with chase illumination, profile cut hard scenic units, platforming, scenic soft goods, and cut drops. All the scenery incorporates Rosco VividFX fluorescent paint treatments, allowing for brilliant lighting effects.

The entire show takes place under a combination of ultraviolet lighting, courtesy of 17 Wildfire units, and PARs for saturated color washes and moving lights for accents and act-specific lighting. The Wildfire fixtures are designated solely for illuminating the scenery, allowing for stunning special lighting effects that give the show a ‘rock and roll’ feel. (2009)

Creator/Director: Neil Goldberg
Scenic Design: Jon Craine
Lighting Design: Katie Johnston
Costume Design: Nora Taylor and Santiago Rojo
Scene Shop: Proof Productions

Coobrila // Six Flags

Developed in collaboration with Cirque Productions and Six Flags Over Texas, Coobrila is a high-flying Cirque Dreams spectacular staged predominately over the audience in the park’s 10,000-seat outdoor amphitheater. The show was developed as a nighttime attraction to keep visitors in the park later during extended summertime hours. In addition to designing the stage set, Craine themed the entire venue and entryway to create an all-encompassing experience. Part of Craine’s venue renovation included the installation of aerial and lighting truss that extended out over runways leading to satellite stages in the house. The show was awarded Runner Up as the Best Overall Production of 2007 by IAAPA in the $1 to 2 million dollar category. (2007)

Creator/Director: Neil Goldberg
Scenic Design: Jon Craine
Lighting Design: Brad Haynes
Costume Design: Nora Taylor and Santiago Rojo
Shops: Cobalt Studios, TW Construction, Daddona Studios, Tomcat

Chicago // 2000 World Tour

The backdrops for the classic rock group magically transforms with the implementation of ultraviolet scenic effects. The band wanted a pulsating design based on the artwork of French op-artist Victor Vasarely. Working with set/lighting designer Ian Peacock, Craine created 3 backdrops that were neutral in color and value, allowing Peacock to splash a range of color and visual effects on the scenery. In addition, the leno-filled scrims were painted with an invisible design that magically appeared when splashed with UV light. The versatile scenery succeeded in providing the band with a constantly morphing stage set using only three 25′ x 30′ light-weight yet durable backdrops.

Set/Lighting Designer: Ian Peacock
Scenic Artist: Jon Craine
Shop: UV/FX Scenic Productions

Christmas Dreams

Created by Neil Goldberg, Christmas Dreams is a holiday musical spectacular staged in the 4,000-seat Palace Theater in Branson, Missouri. The $300K set was designed and built from the ground up in less than three months. The elaborate multi-set stage design, featuring 30′ tall toy soldiers, a 20′ high Christmas tree jungle gym, giant inflatable scenic effects, slides, and over-sized gift boxes, spilled off the stage into the house. The show ran for two seasons before being redeveloped into the popular Cirque Holidaze national tour, also designed by Jon Craine.

Creator/Director: Neil Goldberg
Musical Director: Stephan Gabriel
Scenic Designer: Jon Craine
Lighting Designer: Chris Lau
Choreography: Tara Jeanne Vallee
Costumes: Santiago Rojo, Bill Olson, Nelli Levental
Scene Shops: Chaulkline Studios, Daddona Studios, Cobalt Studios, Sky Drops, Dream Studios

Fall Out Boy // Young Wild Things Tour

When Scenic Designer Jon Craine was given the task of amping up the design of Fall Out Boy’s Young Wild Things 2007 tour, he turned to UV/FX to help bring his vision to life. Craine was brought aboard the tour by show director Andrew Logan to add scenic elements to Lighting Designer Alex Skowron’s set. Logan wished to add some depth and visual dynamics to an otherwise straightforward rock ‘n’ roll set. Having been introduced to the concept of ultraviolet scenery by Craine while the two were working on another project, Logan believed the effect could lend itself well to the Fall Out Boy’s show. After conversations with the creative and management teams, Craine created a dual-image scenic design that transformed the stage from a storybook forest to a twisted nightmarish landscape through the use of ultraviolet scenic effects. Craine designed the backdrop paint elevations with transparent UV-responsive scenic paints and worked with UV/FX in the realization of the two 18′ wide x 28′ high muslin backdrops, each containing an invisible UV scene painted on top of the visible forest scene. Because of Craine’s extensive knowledge of UV scenic effects, he was able to put together a stunning design featuring the dramatic Dual Image UV effect. (2007)

Project Credits
Show Director: Andrew Logan
Lighting Designer: Alex Skowron
Scenic Designer: Jon Craine
Scene Shop: UV/FX Scenic Productions


Created by New York dance company Dance Anonymous, Cluster is a site-specific performance intended to evolve over the course of four performances culminating with a staging in Cyprus. Craine designed the first performance, which was staged at the popular New York hot spot Butter. Conceived on themes of movement, evolution, and transportation of peoples across oceans, Craine’s set centered around a giant portal ripped from the side of a ship. The set was a jungle gym of sorts that provide the performers with many options for interaction. (2004)

Creator/Director: Ayelen Liberona & Harry Mavromichalis
Scenic Design: Jon Craine
Lighting Design: Paul Hudson
Costume Design: Yiorgos Bellapaisiotis
Scene Shop: River West Scenic
Company: Dance Anonymous

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Cirque Dreams

Originally staged at the Ordway Theater in 2004, Cirque Dreams has been re-imagined and re-staged in 2010 at the MGM Grand with Debbie Gibson as the lead. Read about it at Live Design. (2004, 2010)

Creator/Director: Neil Goldberg
Scenic Designer: Jon Craine
Painted by: UVArt, Cobalt Studios, Jon Craine
Built by: Daddona Studios, Tom Woodrow, Creative Inflatables

Breakthrough // Ziegfeld Theater

Selected youngARTS Week participants performed for an invited audience of 1,200 in a one-time only production, Breakthrough 2007, at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York City. Created and directed by Neil Goldberg, and sponsored by National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts (NFAA), the show was followed by a celebrity awards presentation and a gala celebration at the Museum of Modern Art.

Craine’s set design required a temporary show deck to be erected over the orchestra seating at the historic Ziegfeld movie theater. The scenic design featured projection surfaces incorporating the artwork of youngARTS scholarship winners. The deck and the scenery was loaded in within one day.

NFAA and its youngARTS program were established 26 years ago by Carnival Cruise Lines founder Ted Arison and his wife Lin Arison to ensure the future of American art by assisting young talent in nine disciplines both financially and educationally through youngARTS Week. youngARTS has provided over $84 million to more than 10,000 especially gifted teens throughout the United States. (2007)

Creator/Director: Neil Goldberg
Set Designer: Jon Craine
Built by: Cigarbox Studios
Production: Juniper Street Productions

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