Jon Craine

Entertainment Design
Themed Attractions

Splashtastic // Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, CA

Splashtastic, an original Cirque Dreams show created for Six Flags, was staged at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Dolphin Harbor outdoor theater. Jon Craine led the $1.5 million dollar project from concept through to installation. The show set transformed Dolphin Harbor into a magical underwater garden of oceanic delights, which became the immersive setting for Cirque Dreams Splashtastic. Vibrant, colorful coral reefs, teeming with sea anemones, sponges, fishes, jellies, sea horses and other fantastical sea creatures, engulf the performers and audience alike. Automated platforms allow the performers to dazzle the audience high above the pool, while scenery moves all around as if being propelled by the ocean’s currents. Water effects, including leaping fountains, geysers, and waterfalls, punctuate the action on stage and in the pool and add to the dynamic immersive audience experience. (2013)

Show Creator: Neil Goldberg
Art Direction and Show Sets: Jon Craine
Costumes: Dream Studios
Fabrication: SRO Associates

G Wiz // Six Flags

Created in collaboration with Neil Goldberg, G Wiz is a blue sky show proposal developed for Six Flags Theme Parks. The show was eventually redeveloped on a smaller scale and debuted as Coobrila in the summer of 2007 at Six Flag Over Texas. (2004)

Show Creator/Director: Neil Goldberg
Scenic Designer: Jon Craine
Storyboard Artist: Ed Murr

Ghost Blasters

Craine was subcontracted by UV/FX Scenic Productions to design and produce a new and improved queue environment for the Ghost Blasters attraction at the Great Canadian Midway theme park in Ontario, Canada. The attraction—a Sally Corporation haunted dark ride—sported a less than attractive loading area. Craine was charged with re-themeing the exterior of the ride to attract more visitors. Craine chose to redesign the area as a bright, eye-popping ultraviolet environment, implementing saturated color bound by bold black line. Due to budget constraints, Craine had to work with existing architecture and made few structural modifications; Craine designed the paint treatment to do most of the heavy lifting. (2004)

Scenic & Lighting Designer: Jon Craine for UV/FX
Scenic Artists: Jon Craine and Tom Lenz for UV/FX

Moody Blues // Hard Rock Park

Craine developed the 3D Dual Image scenic treatments for Sally Corporation’s Moody Blues dark ride at the new Hard Rock Theme Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Sally brought Craine aboard the project when they were having difficulties creating an effective 3D dual image UV effect. Craine worked with Sally’s attraction designer in the development of the artwork and led their scenic painters in the on-site production of the stunning 15’H x 56’W installation. (2008)

“Hard Rock Park and its collaborators, the Sally Corporation, have done a masterful job creating an immersive, dream-like soundscape that brings the song to life. With its eye-popping visuals and stunning effects, Nights in White Satin-The Trip is near Disney quality—and quite trippy.” -Arthur Levine 2008

Dark Ride Designer: Drew Hunter, Sally Corporation
Scenic Designer: Jon Craine for Sally Corporation
Charge Painter: Jon Craine for Sally Corporation

Kings City Theme Park // Israel

A fascinating journey deep into the ground and through King Solomon’s mines, the Bible Cave attraction at Kings City theme park in Eilat, Israel features famous Bible scenes displayed in niches carved into the walls. Craine designed the Day-to-Night backdrop for the animatronic display in the dark ride for the Old Testament. (2004)

Backdrop Designer: Jon Craine for UV/FX
Project Director: Bret Woodbury, LifeFormations
Painted by: Cobalt Studios and Jon Craine for UV/FX