Jon Craine

Entertainment Design
Exhibit + Environments

Awareness Center // Singapore

Funded by the National Trade Union Congress of Singapore, this exhibit was developed in collaboration with UV/FX and a multidisciplinary design studio located in Singapore. The exhibit sought to shed light on the turbulent history of trade within Singapore.

Craine brought to the table a dynamic and unique means to present their story: a setting that would magically transition from one story to the next through the addition and subtraction of ultraviolet lighting. The result was an 11’ x 25’ dual image exhibit panel designed and produced by Craine. The dual image, a stunning ultraviolet effect, consists of a single substrate that actually contains two images: one that is visible under regular light, and another that is only visible under ultraviolet lighting. When the ambient white light in the exhibit is replaced with ultraviolet light, the ambient image vanishes and an incredibly vibrant and colorful UV image magically appears. The scenic transition emphasizes the historical transformation of Singapore’s trade unions during a time of despair and protest into a time of harmony and celebration. (2004)

“The Experience Room was the highlight of the exhibition. All were impressed. I received personal congratulations from the Prime Minister [of Singapore] immediately after the show!”  -Lai Yee Cheng, Project Architect

Project Architect: Lai Yee Cheng, Magnum Opus
Scenic Designer & Artist: Jon Craine for UV/FX

Museum of Science & Technology // Paris

Each evening a massive 21,000 square foot scenic backdrop descends upon the main exhibit hall, transforming the Museum of Science & Technology in Paris into a dramatic stage for a breathtaking cosmic opera Poussieres D’Etoiles (Stardust). The product of Craine’s collaboration with an Italian fine artist, UV/FX Scenic Productions, and an international design team, the scenery is integral to a constantly transforming environment that incorporates lasers, a massive simulated ocean, projected images and special ultraviolet effects. The audience is led through this experiential environment as they explore the origins of the universe. (2002)

Show Director: Philippe Corbin
Scenic Designer: Lucio Fanti
Art Director: Jon Craine for UV/FX
Scene Shop: UV/FX Scenic Productions

Ancient-Future Experience // American Bible Society NYC

Jon directed the design and production of the Ancient-Future Experience at the American Bible Society’s atrium space located at Columbus Circle in NYC. The interactive environment was developed to coincide with the launch of Mark Burnett’s The Bible miniseries that aired on the History Channel. Tasked with value engineering a blue sky concept into a feasible design approach, Craine worked with architects, media vendors, fabricators, general contractors and designers to develop the design and direct the final staging of all design components. (2013)

Art Director: Jon Craine for Big Vision Group
Conceptual Designer: Rebekah Mary Adkins
A/V: Velocity Productions
Fabricator: Proof Productions

The John C. Maxwell Leadership Center Experience // Atlanta, GA

The John C. Maxwell Leadership Center Experience was created to inspire, educate, and spark the curiosity of visitors to the new Leadership Center. Jon sought to create a beautiful, compelling, and educationally rich experience where visitors are inspired, changed, and educated by the life and work of John C. Maxwell. The interactive multimedia experience was designed and developed by Craine in collaboration with architects, media consultants, and designers. Jon directed the project from concept through to installation. (2013)

Exhibit Designer: Jon Craine for Big Vision Group
Fabricator: Fascinate
Architect: Edward Palisoc
General Contractor: Alpine

World Street

Jon Craine was commissioned by the Silver Companies to fabricate a 1/16” scale model of their proposed retail marketplace billed as a themed tourist destination. The 8’ long x 4’ wide x 9” high model was built for use as a sales tool to attract investors. Craine worked with the architect to bring the renderings to life. (2007)

Model Builder: Jon Craine
Assistant Model Builder: Wallace French
Architect: Brown Craig Turner
Developer: Silver Companies