Jon Craine

Entertainment Design
Ultraviolet Effects

The Offspring // 2001 European Tour

Craine’s backdrop design for The Offspring’s 2001 European tour was inspired by their Conspiracy of One album cover and touring partner AFI’s All Hallow’s EP. The nightmarish cartooned landscape—a nod to AFI—is ignited by The Offspring’s logo, which appears magically under UV lighting. After AFI played their set in front of the cartooned landscape scene, The Offspring took the stage as the backdrop transitioned through ultraviolet lighting to reveal their flaming logo. The 30′ x 40′ backdrop was hand painted on leno-filled scrim by Craine.

Scenic Design: Jon Craine for UV/FX
Shop: UV/FX Scenic Productions

Southern Comfort // UnderCover Tour

When Mowalla Productions was looking to give their client Southern Comfort an exciting look to their 2009 underCOVER concert tour, Jon Craine was brought into the fold. The 10 city tour, featuring Polyphonic Spree, The Hold Steady, and Ghostland Observatory, needed a brand-oriented look that wouldn’t appear corporate nor sacrifice the “wow” factor. And the scenery had to be minimal and light-weight, yet durable, while also packing a visual punch. So naturally, Craine recommended dual-image ultraviolet scenery for the stage, which allows for two scenes to be incorporated into only one piece of scenery. Completely transparent under regular stage lighting, the UV effect is colorful and brilliant when viewed under ultraviolet lighting.

Craine worked with the brand and Mowalla to develop visual imagery that could be applied to a series of soft goods, including a 15′h x 20′w backdrop and two sets of 15′h downstage legs. Although the schedule was aggressive, Craine was up to the task. Craine provided concept artwork based on the brand’s art direction. Southern Comfort was looking for an image that was inspired by modern rock posters, yet was true to the brand’s identity. Working within the parameters of the Southern Comfort brand was particularly important considering that the imagery Craine developed would also be applied to marketing and advertising materials. Craine also designed the fluorescent black light tour poster. (2009)

“Mowalla wanted you to know that we appreciate all your hard work on the Southern Comfort Presents: underCOVER 2009 Tour. It was a challenging three months and because of your efforts and dedication, we put on a great tour. You were a valuable member of the team and we thank you very much. Rock on.”  -Team Mowalla

Chicago // 2000 World Tour

The backdrops for the classic rock group magically transforms with the implementation of ultraviolet scenic effects. The band wanted a pulsating design based on the artwork of French op-artist Victor Vasarely. Working with set/lighting designer Ian Peacock, Craine created 3 backdrops that were neutral in color and value, allowing Peacock to splash a range of color and visual effects on the scenery. In addition, the leno-filled scrims were painted with an invisible design that magically appeared when splashed with UV light. The versatile scenery succeeded in providing the band with a constantly morphing stage set using only three 25′ x 30′ light-weight yet durable backdrops.

Set/Lighting Designer: Ian Peacock
Scenic Artist: Jon Craine
Shop: UV/FX Scenic Productions

Awareness Center // Singapore

Funded by the National Trade Union Congress of Singapore, this exhibit was developed in collaboration with UV/FX and a multidisciplinary design studio located in Singapore. The exhibit sought to shed light on the turbulent history of trade within Singapore.

Craine brought to the table a dynamic and unique means to present their story: a setting that would magically transition from one story to the next through the addition and subtraction of ultraviolet lighting. The result was an 11’ x 25’ dual image exhibit panel designed and produced by Craine. The dual image, a stunning ultraviolet effect, consists of a single substrate that actually contains two images: one that is visible under regular light, and another that is only visible under ultraviolet lighting. When the ambient white light in the exhibit is replaced with ultraviolet light, the ambient image vanishes and an incredibly vibrant and colorful UV image magically appears. The scenic transition emphasizes the historical transformation of Singapore’s trade unions during a time of despair and protest into a time of harmony and celebration. (2004)

“The Experience Room was the highlight of the exhibition. All were impressed. I received personal congratulations from the Prime Minister [of Singapore] immediately after the show!”  -Lai Yee Cheng, Project Architect

Project Architect: Lai Yee Cheng, Magnum Opus
Scenic Designer & Artist: Jon Craine for UV/FX

Ghost Blasters

Craine was subcontracted by UV/FX Scenic Productions to design and produce a new and improved queue environment for the Ghost Blasters attraction at the Great Canadian Midway theme park in Ontario, Canada. The attraction—a Sally Corporation haunted dark ride—sported a less than attractive loading area. Craine was charged with re-themeing the exterior of the ride to attract more visitors. Craine chose to redesign the area as a bright, eye-popping ultraviolet environment, implementing saturated color bound by bold black line. Due to budget constraints, Craine had to work with existing architecture and made few structural modifications; Craine designed the paint treatment to do most of the heavy lifting. (2004)

Scenic & Lighting Designer: Jon Craine for UV/FX
Scenic Artists: Jon Craine and Tom Lenz for UV/FX

Pirates in the Caribbean // Disney Cruise Lines

Craine worked with Disney Cruise Lines to design and produce an outdoor backdrop for installation on the deck of a Disney cruise ship. But this was no ordinary backdrop—it was a Dual Image ultraviolet backdrop! Disney wanted the backing for their themed deck party to be based on the style and story of Disney’s Pirates in the Caribbean brand. Craine achieved both as the pirate ship imagery magically transformed when splashed with ultraviolet lighting. Craine hand-painted the artwork on Textalene scrim, which withstood the rigors of wind and weather on board the vessel. (2004)

Scenic Designer and Artist: Jon Craine for UV/FX

Moody Blues // Hard Rock Park

Craine developed the 3D Dual Image scenic treatments for Sally Corporation’s Moody Blues dark ride at the new Hard Rock Theme Park in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Sally brought Craine aboard the project when they were having difficulties creating an effective 3D dual image UV effect. Craine worked with Sally’s attraction designer in the development of the artwork and led their scenic painters in the on-site production of the stunning 15’H x 56’W installation. (2008)

“Hard Rock Park and its collaborators, the Sally Corporation, have done a masterful job creating an immersive, dream-like soundscape that brings the song to life. With its eye-popping visuals and stunning effects, Nights in White Satin-The Trip is near Disney quality—and quite trippy.” -Arthur Levine 2008

Dark Ride Designer: Drew Hunter, Sally Corporation
Scenic Designer: Jon Craine for Sally Corporation
Charge Painter: Jon Craine for Sally Corporation

Kings City Theme Park // Israel

A fascinating journey deep into the ground and through King Solomon’s mines, the Bible Cave attraction at Kings City theme park in Eilat, Israel features famous Bible scenes displayed in niches carved into the walls. Craine designed the Day-to-Night backdrop for the animatronic display in the dark ride for the Old Testament. (2004)

Backdrop Designer: Jon Craine for UV/FX
Project Director: Bret Woodbury, LifeFormations
Painted by: Cobalt Studios and Jon Craine for UV/FX