Jon Craine

Entertainment Design

Splashtastic // Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, CA

Splashtastic, an original Cirque Dreams show created for Six Flags, was staged at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s Dolphin Harbor outdoor theater. Jon Craine led the $1.5 million dollar project from concept through to installation. The show set transformed Dolphin Harbor into a magical underwater garden of oceanic delights, which became the immersive setting for Cirque Dreams Splashtastic. Vibrant, colorful coral reefs, teeming with sea anemones, sponges, fishes, jellies, sea horses and other fantastical sea creatures, engulf the performers and audience alike. Automated platforms allow the performers to dazzle the audience high above the pool, while scenery moves all around as if being propelled by the ocean’s currents. Water effects, including leaping fountains, geysers, and waterfalls, punctuate the action on stage and in the pool and add to the dynamic immersive audience experience. (2013)

Show Creator: Neil Goldberg
Art Direction and Show Sets: Jon Craine
Costumes: Dream Studios
Fabrication: SRO Associates

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