Jon Craine

Entertainment Design

Fall Out Boy // Young Wild Things Tour

When Scenic Designer Jon Craine was given the task of amping up the design of Fall Out Boy’s Young Wild Things 2007 tour, he turned to UV/FX to help bring his vision to life. Craine was brought aboard the tour by show director Andrew Logan to add scenic elements to Lighting Designer Alex Skowron’s set. Logan wished to add some depth and visual dynamics to an otherwise straightforward rock ‘n’ roll set. Having been introduced to the concept of ultraviolet scenery by Craine while the two were working on another project, Logan believed the effect could lend itself well to the Fall Out Boy’s show. After conversations with the creative and management teams, Craine created a dual-image scenic design that transformed the stage from a storybook forest to a twisted nightmarish landscape through the use of ultraviolet scenic effects. Craine designed the backdrop paint elevations with transparent UV-responsive scenic paints and worked with UV/FX in the realization of the two 18′ wide x 28′ high muslin backdrops, each containing an invisible UV scene painted on top of the visible forest scene. Because of Craine’s extensive knowledge of UV scenic effects, he was able to put together a stunning design featuring the dramatic Dual Image UV effect. (2007)

Project Credits
Show Director: Andrew Logan
Lighting Designer: Alex Skowron
Scenic Designer: Jon Craine
Scene Shop: UV/FX Scenic Productions

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