Jon Craine

Entertainment Design

Awareness Center // Singapore

Funded by the National Trade Union Congress of Singapore, this exhibit was developed in collaboration with UV/FX and a multidisciplinary design studio located in Singapore. The exhibit sought to shed light on the turbulent history of trade within Singapore.

Craine brought to the table a dynamic and unique means to present their story: a setting that would magically transition from one story to the next through the addition and subtraction of ultraviolet lighting. The result was an 11’ x 25’ dual image exhibit panel designed and produced by Craine. The dual image, a stunning ultraviolet effect, consists of a single substrate that actually contains two images: one that is visible under regular light, and another that is only visible under ultraviolet lighting. When the ambient white light in the exhibit is replaced with ultraviolet light, the ambient image vanishes and an incredibly vibrant and colorful UV image magically appears. The scenic transition emphasizes the historical transformation of Singapore’s trade unions during a time of despair and protest into a time of harmony and celebration. (2004)

“The Experience Room was the highlight of the exhibition. All were impressed. I received personal congratulations from the Prime Minister [of Singapore] immediately after the show!”  -Lai Yee Cheng, Project Architect

Project Architect: Lai Yee Cheng, Magnum Opus
Scenic Designer & Artist: Jon Craine for UV/FX

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