Jon Craine

Entertainment Design

Jungle Fantasy // Broadway Theater

Created by Neil Goldberg, Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy made its Broadway debut after a successful two year national tour. The stage set consists of one upstage drop and a set of mid-stage and down-stage legs anchored by four giant 28′ tall inflatable trees, all of which feature a dual-image UV effect. At intermission the show transitions from a monochromatic daytime scene to a brilliant nighttime scene. The entire second act takes place under ultraviolet lighting, courtesy of 17 Wildfire units, but the show has more of a ‘rock and roll’ feel with PARs for saturated color washes and moving lights for accents and isolated, act-specific lighting. In addition to the ultraviolet scenery many of the costumes and props also feature UV reflective properties.

Craine designed the set to withstand the rigors of a grueling touring schedule filled with one-nighters. In addition to being durable, the scenery packs down into hampers occupying a minimal footprint in the truck. Craine also had a hand in the fabrication, painting many of the masterful ultraviolet scenic effects, including the backdrops, costuming and props. (2008)

Creator/Director: Neil Goldberg
Scenic Design: Jon Craine
Lighting: Peter Kyte and Katie Johnston
Costumes: Nora Taylor, Santiago Rojo, Bill Olson, Nelli Levental
Painted by: Jon Craine, Cobalt Studios, Scenic Art Studios
Built by: Proof Productions, Rose Brand, Creative Inflatables, Daedalus

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