Jon Craine

Entertainment Design

Pandemonia // Cirque Dreams

Making it’s debut in the summer of 2009 at the Xanadu Theater in the Trump Taj Mahal, Cirque Dreams Pandemonia was created by Artistic Director Neil Goldberg. Jon Craine designed the saturated topsy-turvey stage set on themes of fun house and carnival. Designed and fabricated to tour, the elaborate set features large sculpted units with chase illumination, drum kit platform wagon with chase illumination, profile cut hard scenic units, platforming, scenic soft goods, and cut drops. All the scenery incorporates Rosco VividFX fluorescent paint treatments, allowing for brilliant lighting effects.

The entire show takes place under a combination of ultraviolet lighting, courtesy of 17 Wildfire units, and PARs for saturated color washes and moving lights for accents and act-specific lighting. The Wildfire fixtures are designated solely for illuminating the scenery, allowing for stunning special lighting effects that give the show a ‘rock and roll’ feel. (2009)

Creator/Director: Neil Goldberg
Scenic Design: Jon Craine
Lighting Design: Katie Johnston
Costume Design: Nora Taylor and Santiago Rojo
Scene Shop: Proof Productions

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