Jon Craine

Entertainment Design

Chicago // 2000 World Tour

The backdrops for the classic rock group magically transforms with the implementation of ultraviolet scenic effects. The band wanted a pulsating design based on the artwork of French op-artist Victor Vasarely. Working with set/lighting designer Ian Peacock, Craine created 3 backdrops that were neutral in color and value, allowing Peacock to splash a range of color and visual effects on the scenery. In addition, the leno-filled scrims were painted with an invisible design that magically appeared when splashed with UV light. The versatile scenery succeeded in providing the band with a constantly morphing stage set using only three 25′ x 30′ light-weight yet durable backdrops.

Set/Lighting Designer: Ian Peacock
Scenic Artist: Jon Craine
Shop: UV/FX Scenic Productions

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