Jon Craine

Entertainment Design

Glenn Martin DDS // Nickelodeon

Jon Craine collaborated with Michael Eisner (Tornante), Curious Picture’s Eric Fogel, and the stop-motion masters at Charged (NYC) in the creation of the animated television sit-com pilot, Glenn Martin DDS, which made its series debut on the Nickelodeon network in the summer of 2009. With a design/build schedule of less than three months, Jon Craine led an art department of ten artists in the creation of all sets, scenery, vehicles, and props.

Craine designed a miniature suburban “McMansion” (interior and exterior) based on a 10-inch tall puppet. The show also required the design and construction of a 4-foot long RV and an N-scale replica of all exterior elements, including the RV and house. Because of the complexity of the shots, the multiple scales, and the limited budget, Craine had to design with great economy.

To accommodate the miniature scale of the stop-motion animation, much care was taken in reproducing minute detail. In addition, all set elements had to withstand many long hours on set under hot lights without wilting or moving. (2007)

Director: Eric Fogel
Director of Animation: Adam Pierce
Production Design and Art Direction: Jon Craine
Character Design: Eric Fogel
Lead Carpenter: Will Pike
Production Company: Charged
Producer: Tornante

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