Jon Craine

Entertainment Design


Jon Craine is an Art Director and Show Set Designer for theatrical and concert tours, themed attractions, interactive exhibits and environments, and television. Craine’s story sense and creative ability allow him to confidently establish visual feel and specific aesthetic needs of a production. Having successfully taken many high profile projects from concept to launch, Jon is a sought-after talent employing solid practical and technical knowledge to bring concepts to reality within time and budgetary constraints. As such, he’s an invaluable project partner and manager of art department personnel, budgets, and quality with a firm grasp of materials, costs, and construction processes.

Besides being an accomplished art director and designer, Jon Craine is also a skilled and experienced scenic artist. Craine has lent his talents to music video, commercial, and film shoots in addition to designing and producing scenic treatments for themed attractions and environments.

Craine does it all through the use of advanced design and project management skills, evidenced by outstanding art direction, concept generation, rendering and drafting ability, modeling, construction documentation, and execution of uniquely staged environments.

“The final scene in my new museum is gorgeous and uplifting!  I plan to do a new voice addition now that I understand just how spiritual it is.  Thanks for all the creative things you did for us.”  -Dolly Parton